You Are As ( Tall, or as Big) As My Wife!

I keep seeing old Herman explaining how he talked to one of the women who objected to being sexually harassed in the workplace by saying he just said to her that she was as tall as his wife!  And he holds his hands up to about chest height to show how apparently how tall Gloria was.

That doesn’t seem offensive does it, but let’s say he used the word ” big” when he told a woman she was as “big as his wife” and he held his hand at chest height.  Now I’m not saying that this is what happened, I’m just saying that there was something in that simple behavior that stuck with him and with her.   Most of us wouldn’t object to being compared to someone else based on height.  But there are other sizes that might make some of us, particularly women, uncomfortable if we were compared to someone’s wife about.  Note that we talked about Swedish lingerie company “Change” when some employees were uncomfortable about wearing their bra sizes as part of their name tags.

I’m just trying to figure things out.  I may be wrong, but  I have a right to think about it!



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