Yu55 Will Pass Earth Shortly, But We Won’t See It!

If you were a large craggy space rock and you had spent millenia traveling through the dark recesses of space wouldn’t you want to say hi as you passed Earthlings?

Well, Yu55 doesn’t care.  It’s large and it’s dark and it is coming from a position nearest the sun so we aren’t going to see it.  Plus, tonight as it hurtles through our darkened night sky it will be really hard to spot.  It will look like a star of the 11th magnitude.  For those of us who aren’t star hunters that means fuhgeddaboutit.  For those who have really cool telescopes and detailed star charts- they might just catch it.  It will appear to move across the sky very slowly which is different from regular asteroids and that is because it is so close to Earth that we’ll actually be able to see it’s movements.

If we were star nerds! 🙂 I’m not but I think I’m going to look upward anyhow at about 6:28.






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