Congratulations To Everyone Who Won Yesterday!

I’ve got to say it’s sort of scary to wake up the day after election day and read the news.  I guess it wouldn’t be half as scary if I didn’t care, but I do care and so I tend to worry that the official poll numbers will either go totally against my desires, or worse, that they’ll show that the voters want more of the same old same old, or the status quo.

This morning I feel really glad to see the final results.  I don’t mind saying that my dream team for school board looks very much like the one that finally won!  However Porter lost to Wausnock and that was something that honestly, I expected.  My problem with Mr. Wausnock had less to do with him and more to do with bringing a fresh look at some of the problems the school district faces.  I have to be honest and say it was a tough call for me to leave him out of my final team because there is something to be said for years of sincere effort!  I hope that this new board will work together using all the tools that their members bring with them personally!

As for the rest of the votes in our area and in surrounding areas all I have to say is my heart leans toward the Democrats!  It is good to see that voters aren’t fully supporting the Republican party.  Maybe in the old days it was true that a rich upper class in America was a key to building a strong working class, but in this global economy that doesn’t necessarily hold true anymore!  Rich Americans can invest worldwide with their capital and they often do!  We need a goverment that cares about Main Street as much as it cares about Wall Street.

Of course winning an election is only the first step in a long line of steps!  But for now, congratulations are in order!  Thanks to everyone who threw their hat into the ring.  It’s a tough arena and a few of you probably have some tender spots after  having your values questioned by virtual strangers.  Politics isn’t the easiest game in the world.  Thanks for stepping forward despite the odds to lead!

Forward Ho!




2 thoughts on “Congratulations To Everyone Who Won Yesterday!”

    1. There were a lot of visitors looking for information. I like that folks are taking the time to ask questions about the candidates they are voting for even in local elections. Now I’m sure we are all hoping for good things to come!

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