Do You Look Like Me?

I have had hundreds of people walk up to me out of the blue and say “How do I know you!”  And I smile and I try to give them reasons that they might know me.  I tell them what I’ve done in the past and I tell them where I’m from.  What I don’t tell them straight off the bat though is that it’s a common misperception.   Lots of people think they  know me, even though we’ve never met.  It sort of throws you the first hundred times.  Then it gets easier to say that there is someone out there somewhere that seems to have my face!

Yesterday I was out with my girls and a woman approached me and she looked at me and finally she said ” I know you.”  I smiled and I said hi and then I started going through my list of places she might know me from and she just kept saying ” nope, nope, nope.”  So I said to her that I  knew  it would sound strange but that lots of people walk up to me to say they knew me.  I laughed with her when I said that it was going to be quite an experience when I actually ran  into me!  And she said the nicest thing.  She said ” You’ll like her!”

It’s odd though having a doppelganger out there.  What is it about me that makes other people think they know me?  When I see people I rarely think ” oh, they look just like _________”.  But when people see me, they don’t only think I look like someone else they think I AM someone else!  That is a tough gig.

Okay, so just between us, I am me.  You know me through our sharing here!  You might have seen my face here online.  You might have seen me out in the community!  My Jeep squeaks! 🙂  You might have seen me at a church function, or at a political function, or shopping, or eating out.  Or, you might have seen her 🙂

Just know that if you walk up to me and you start a conversation by asking ” Where do I know you from?”  I am going to smile and simply say ” it’s nice to meet you.”






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