Disgusting Wheel Bugs!

Story out of Pittsburgh today about a bug that looks almost like a stink bug but on closer inspection turns out to be an ‘assassin bug’ or a wheel bug.  The insect is one of the largest bugs in North America.  It has a range from Rhode Island to Florida and it stings!  It’s sting is worse than a bee sting.

If you see one kill it!  If you don’t and it gets you then you will have a sting that hurts for a long time!  It can get reddened and your skin can slough off right there leaving a small hole like welt behind.

What is really odd is that they are said to live in Florida where they die off in late September.  That means if this story in Pittsburgh is current that it has adapted to cooler climates!  Isn’t that nice.

Take my advice…KILL THEM! 🙂




2 thoughts on “Disgusting Wheel Bugs!”

  1. Isn’t this this essentially the same process for government? New politicians go to Washington, get stabbed by the system, which slowly dissolves their inner core, until they become just like the bug that attacked them? Didn’t I see these insects in some “B” horror sci-fi flick?

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