Rick Perry is ” That Guy!”

I’ll admit that I’ve sometimes made mistakes when I’m under pressure.  I can’t tell you the number of times I’ve  wanted to say something and I’ve forgotten the word for it.  I’ve hemmed and hawed and I’ve even explained flat out that I can’t remember what I was talking about sometimes.  But I’m not running for President!

That guy from Texas is…you know  that Governor…no,  not George Bush!  The other guy…the one that has the wife  who  thinks people are attacking him for his religion…the one who has the family with the rock that said that word we aren’t supposed to mention in polite  company…the one who  stood next to… you know, .the crazy guy running for President!





3 thoughts on “Rick Perry is ” That Guy!””

    1. Hey Jeff,

      Can you believe that some people are defending him because they feel sorry for him! I get that he’s a sincere politician, but that doesn’t mean I want him to work as Chief Executive of the US!

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