Russian Space Probe Stranded in Lower Earth Orbit

What goes up must come down!  That is a traditional saying here in the US, but it’s true worldwide!  And so, because the Phobos-Grunt space probe didn’t launch itself once it reached the earth orbit it’s probably going to hang around a couple of weeks and then guess what? It’s coming down!

Here is the latest on the Phobos-Grunt which by the way refers to the Martian moon Phobus, and Grunt simply means ‘ground’.:

“Decay from orbit is not imminent, with the caveat that the spacecraft’s rate of orbital decay has yet to be determined with precision,” said Molczan in an email to ABC News. “Using the most current orbital elements issued by the U.S. Strategic Command, I estimate decay from orbit within about a week of Dec 18, 2011.”

So there you have it, a 14.6 ton ship will be falling out of space on or around 12/18/11.  That week starts of course at 12/11/11 and will end on Christmas!

You better hope you have been really good this year!





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