What Did Tom Corbett Know Joe Paterno Knew?

When I read about the Penn State fiasco it makes me feel so frustrated.  Sandusky has up to 17 people coming forward to say he violated them as children?  There is now a hotline so people can call to say they or someone they knew was abused by Sandusky?!  This all started because a mom came forward in 2009?!  But now we find that there was an incident in a shower with a boy about 10 years old in 2002 that the University knew about????  That information came forward in Grand Jury testimony when Tom Corbett was AG?

And now in 2011 Penn  State students are rioting to keep Joe Paterno?  They are shoving over huge lamp posts and they are breaking windows and stamping on cars and they are turning over news vans because they love Joe?

Why?  Because he’s a winning coach?

We all know that isn’t why! We  know that society’s level of civility is trashed!  Those young folks at Penn State aren’t mad at stores, or light poles.  They are just a mob!  And when people act like mobs the gas cannisters come out and the sound bombs get tossed, and the S.W.A.T teams assemble.

Oh well, let’s try to have another day!





11 thoughts on “What Did Tom Corbett Know Joe Paterno Knew?”

  1. The whole mess is a disgrace…smells just like the Catholic Church handling child molesting priests internally. Anyone who knew any of this was going on and didn’t shout it from the rooftops is just as guilty as the monster who was doing it. Their silence perpetuated this tragedy. No one should be spared. And those student’s who are protesting the firing of Paterno are ridiculous…

    1. There is definitely something wrong with people that abuse children sexually! If I try to think about that kind of abuse I literally get chills and so I agree with you about the guilt of anyone who either perpetrated that kind of abuse, or anyone who didn’t try to protect children! It’s all just outrageous and I’m glad that finally it’s come to light!

  2. wow,,,im so sorry for the kids that got hurt,,,,,corbett was elected as the top cop in pa, in 2004 reelected in 2008, and there was a grand jury and he did not do anything????as i scratch my head over this,,,please tell me im dreaming…….he goes to the board meeting to get joe fired and does,,,,while he does nothing in 2009 when a parent brings this up,,,,,,,i think im still dreaming,,,wow,,,,,,whats going on with this???

    1. Hi Dan,

      To be fair to Tom I have to say that the Grand Jury’s report just came out, and secondly this investigation only came about because of the 2009 incident. The earlier 2002 event came to light because of the 2009 investigation I believe. So Corbett still sat on information, but he has been saying that he’s required to as a lawyer. Which makes you wonder about hiring lawyers for government office.

      1. Isn’t his first job as governor to protect the children? Isn’t the press killing Paterno because he followed the chain of command? Couldn’t Corbett at the very least gotten Sandusky’s access to campus taken away like everyone thinks Paterno should have done even tho he didn’t have the authority to do so?

        This whole thing stinks, Corbett is just as guilty as anyone else here besides Sandusky. Politics was involved in this and that’s the outrage about Paterno being fired.

      2. There is a video of Sandusky training players at Penn State. It was done about 3 years ago. I’m thinking there is something seriously wrong here that this guy felt so at ease taking advantage of young boys!

        So should Corbett have been keeping an eye on things up there in Happy Valley after hearing about these allegations? I sort of think so, but I guess we’ll have to wait and see. Thanks for sharing.

  3. Tom Corbett was attorney general when the first allegiations came out, Why did he not pursue the issue at that time? Was it because he planned to run for Governor and did not want to face the wrath of the people, and be known as the person who was involved in the disgrace of Coach Paterno. Why did the conclusion of the grand jury investigation come during the football season? There are many unanswered questions and the truth will come out eventually. It always does.

  4. Governor Corbett recently commented that there is both a legal and a moral responsibility in this case. He pointed out that Joe Paterno met the legal requirement but failed in his moral responsibility. He went a step further saying that if he saw a child being raped he would intervene.

    A few points to consider: 1. Joe Paterno was not a witness to the alleged crime, 2. The Governer, then Attorney General, cannot hide behind his legal requirements as a lawyer to support his failure to uphold the moral standards he indicated Joe Paterno failed to uphold, 3. The Governor actually is a member of the Board of Trustees at PSU, given his previous reported involvement as AG perhaps he had a moral obligation to divulge the above, make no comment and cast no vote on this issue, 4. Using the Governor’s moral standard he should resign or be removed much like Paterno and Spanier.

    1. I think it’s interesting to hear that the Governor started working the phones as soon as the Presentment was released. If it true that he ousted Spanier because of personal frustration and if it’s true that he got rid of someone who brought a lot of dollars to the University then I think he might be facing some serious issues ahead and they’ll have nothing to do with morals.

      Thanks for your comment.

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