Doctor McQueary’s Dilemma!

Does anyone know whether physicians assistants have the same responsibility as Doctors?  It seems the Graduate Assistant that saw Sandusky violating a young boy in 2002 was Mike McQueary.  He is the ‘whistle blower’ in this case.  As such there is a question about whether the University can fire him or not.

But what would he be fired for?  For being immoral?  That might be a reason not to hire someone  but really it’s hard to arrest someone for being a coward or for not caring enough to do more than what was required in some chain of command.  He may have signed some contract with the University promising to be a moral person, and in that case there might be some evidence to suggest that he hasn’t acted in a way a morally upright person would have, but I think that would be a tough call.  IF he was arrested for doing something that society has already called immoral then it would be easy to say he was “immoral” but this way it’s sort of tough.

What I find surprising is that he went to his father immediately.  His father told him they should go to Joe Paterno.  That is where Joe gets into hot water!  I’m okay so far with the way the story seems to be playing out…. But then I noted that McQueary’s dad was a physician’s assistant.  Of course  I don’t think he was actively working as such in a doctor’s office, he’s a big player in a medical business out near Penn State’s main campus but what were his responsibilities as a Physican’s Assistant?    He has said he’s known about this situation for 10 years!

Some messes are big fat hairy messes!  This is one of them!




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