How Do You Like Cain Saying He’ll Be VP With Conditions!

I was on tenterhooks last night waiting for breaking news from Herman Cain.  I of course was hoping he was pulling out of the race.  Instead he wanted to make it clear that he was only willing to play the VP role with someone he liked.

What a leap!  I mean it isn’t the nation that chooses the VP anymore, it’s the President and his team that chooses who would make the best ‘runner up”.  There are a lot of very talented people serving as elected officials.  I can’t imagine that anyone is seriously thinking that a guy with no real experience in running a state, or a borough for that matter is necessarily the best person to lean on as an assistant.  And besides, what is the Vice President’s role?  He’s the tie-breaker in the Senate!  And he makes sure that the electoral college votes are counted properly by the House!  That is it.  Of course the other really important job is that he’s a ‘heartbeat away’ from the Presidency.

So basically, we’ve got  Mitt running in the lead, no matter how small that lead is, and we now have Cain saying he’s not playing anymore if the nation votes for Mitt.  Choose Mittens and Cain’s outta here!

Can you imagine Newt and Herman discussing anything?! At least I can imagine Romney saying ” Herman, I’ve heard your point of view and I appreciate it, but this is my final decision.”  Whereas I can imagine Newt saying :” That is the stupidest idea a person could come up with, and you know what?  I really hate the name Herman.”  Go ahead…you pretend those conversations are happening and you tell me I’m wrong!

If Huntsman took Cain up on his offer, then that might be ‘ a horse of a different color’.  Herman’s jocularity would complement Huntsman’s laid back style.  Jon is an intellectual, or at least he seems to be, and he wouldnt’ be swayed personally by Cain.  But I can see him working with Cain in a collegial way so that maybe Herman would learn how to handle being a world leader in a summit of foreign leaders!

It’s not going to fly though, Jon seems like too much of a straight shooter to tell Herman at this point that he’d work with him as VP unless Jon were serious about it.

Oh well, someone tell ‘Black Walnuts’ I tried!




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