If Republicans Really Want the White House They’d Choose Jon Huntsman!

Republicans are playing a very dangerous game.  It seems they are forgetting that a lot of the nation doesn’t vote straight party lines!  There are independents and folks that aren’t committed to their own party.  These folks are ripe for the taking in the next election.  Which makes me think that if Republicans were serious about getting into the White House then they’d stop having their own candidates act like clowns in front of the whole country and they’d choose someone with a lot of experience in government, who is smart and who understands what it is to work with Democrats!   That person would be Jon Huntsman!

Jon seems like a quiet sort of guy, but he is appealing!  He isn’t afraid of science!  He isn’t afraid of guns!  He isn’t afraid of protecting babies from abortion.  He knows that civility is missing in our society and he wants to bring it back!  Huntsman should be the Republican candidate.  Unfortunately, the Republican party has gotten to be a little ornery lately.  And I am afraid they think they need a candidate that will literally fight with “No Drama Obama”.  What is it that the Republicans don’t get?

Just imagine Jon Huntsman ‘fighting’ Obama. They’d actually have to argue about substantive issues!  It would be a sincere conversation about which path was better for America.  But Republicans are too angry lately to get it.

Let’s say they chose Jon.  The Republican base would vote for him.  Independents would vote for him.  A lot of Democrats would vote for him.

Hell, I’d vote for him!





1 thought on “If Republicans Really Want the White House They’d Choose Jon Huntsman!”

  1. Right on. I knew nothing about about Huntsman until three weeks ago, and I live in Utah. Smart guy, common sense. I’d vote for him. Term limits, out of those endless wars, no torture…Sound like what I thought Obama was once.

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