100.7 WLEV Plays Holiday Music

As I drive around town I listen to my car radio. I’m not sophisticated enough to have my own ipod full of tunes so I have to rely on commercial radio.  Anyhow, this month I started listening to 100.7 to hear holiday music.

Yes, it’s a little early!  I was actually a little embarrassed when I pulled up to a light with my car windows down on  Franklin Street while listening to Jingle Bell Rock!  I saw the guy in the passenger seat in the car next to me look over and grin and I felt a little silly playing Christmas music when it was almost 65 degrees outside but I got over it!  The light changed and I was humming along with Karen Carpenter!

Are you ready for the Christmas season?  Got any special tunes you absolutely love?  Let me know I’ll grab a video just for you!

Happy Holidays a little early!





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