Eat More Kiwis

Remember the old adage ‘an apple a day keeps the doctor away.”?  Well, maybe we should switch the fruit from an apple to a kiwi!

You know what a kiwi is don’t you? That fuzzy brown fruit that is green with black seed sunburst on the inside

Researchers from Norway, led by Mette Svendsen of Oslo University, may have discovered a natural way to help reduce blood pressure. They conducted a study on 50 men and 68 women with an average age of 55, and had lightly elevated blood pressure in the range of 128/85.

Some participants were told to eat three kiwis a day while others were told to eat an apple a day, and not change anything else about their diets. The researchers remotely monitored the blood pressure of the men and women via 24-hour ambulatory monitoring, which is a more accurate method of monitoring rather than weekly office visits.

After eight weeks, the group that ate the kiwi had a lower 24-hour systolic blood pressure than those who ate the apples. The diastolic blood pressure was also lower for those who ate the kiwi, but it was unclear what the association to the fruit was, according to Reuters. The researchers recommended a larger study in order to confirm the findings.

Scientists point to the kiwi’s nutritional content for the results of the study. The fruit has many nutrients including lutein, which the researchers think is the active component that reduces the blood pressure, according to Medical News Today.


Kiwis may have lutein in them which may be what is lowering blood pressure in patients who were part of a study.  Some of the folks in the study ate apples and some ate kiwis three times a day.  The folks who ate the kiwis had a decrease in their blood pressure!

Here is more of the story-



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