If You are a Woman Over 45…You Need Drugs!

I’m sighing here.  First let me tell you I’m over 45.  I passed that mile marker 3 years ago.  Coincidentally it was at that time that I enjoined my significant other to go with me to talk about marital stuff with a therapist.  Guess what the therapist suggested I do?

Guess what I said?

If you guessed that I said “Hell no!”  to medication you’d be a winner!  Now don’t go getting all flustered because I chose not to take medication for my moods.  I’m sure that there are plenty of people who want to control the wild swings that sometimes happen.  I just don’t happen to be one of them.  I do not think I’m morally superior because I’m not taking medication. I think I can be a real pain in the ass.  But I also think  that this is the mind and body I’ve come into this world with and by golly, I’ve had to put up with it for all these years so other people are just going to have to get used to it too if they desire my scintillating presence.  If they don’t they can go…..ahem.

What was I saying? 🙂

Oh, right.  I was saying that a lot of women in this country are on medication for being anxious.  Or they are on medication for being moody.  Or they are on medication for being disturbed.  Or maybe they are taking medication because they are feeling depressed.

Has anyone considered that it might be a problem with society?  Or it might be a problem with relationships?  Or it might be a problem with our medical profession that makes it so easy for professionals to write a scrip for a brain stabilizer when all the patient really needs is someone to talk to!

Here is more on the story from USA Today:

The report, released Wednesday by pharmacy benefits manager Medco Health Solutions Inc., found that use of drugs for psychiatric and behavioral disorders rose 22 percent from 2001. The medications are most often prescribed to women aged 45 and older, but their use among men and in younger adults climbed sharply. In adults 20 to 44, use of antipsychotic drugs and treatments for attention deficit hyperactivity disorder more than tripled, and use of anti-anxiety drugs like Xanax, Valium and Ativan rose 30 percent from a decade ago.

The statistics were taken from Medco’s database of prescriptions and is based on 2.5 million patients with 24 months of continuous prescription drug insurance and eligibility.

The company said women are twice as likely as men to use anxiety treatments, as 11 percent of women 45 to 65 are on an anxiety medication. Women are also more likely than men to take antipsychotic drugs like Zyprexa, Risperdal, and Abilify, which treat disorders like bipolar disorder and schizophrenia. However, among men 20 to 64, use of the drugs has quadrupled over the last decade.

“There has been a significant uptick in the use of medications to treat a variety of mental health problems; what is not as clear is if more people — especially women, are actually developing psychological disorders that require treatment, or if they are more willing to seek out help and clinicians are better at diagnosing these conditions than they once were,” said Dr. David Muzina, a psychiatrist and national practice leader of Medco’s Neuroscience Therapeutic Resource Center.

Pharmaceutical companies have also sought and received approvals to market their drugs to larger groups of people.

Drugs for attention deficit hyperactivity disorder are prescribed to boys more often than girls, but adult women now take the drugs more often than men. ADHD prescriptions to adult women grew 2.5 times from 2001. However ADHD prescriptions for children have been declining since 2005.

That reflects a decline in prescriptions for psychiatric and behavioral drugs for children. Medco found that prescriptions of those drugs for children have dropped since 2004, when the FDA warned they were linked to suicidal thoughts when used in people under 19. The company said less than 1 percent of children use antipsychotics drugs, although the figure has doubled since 2001.

Well well well.  I guess we are truly fortunate to have major pharmaceutical companies investing in new medications to make women more sufferable.

But as for me?  They can kiss my….ahem.


the old snarly thing generally known as mo



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