My Concerns About Occupy Pottstown!

Harnessing political will is tricky.  It’s messy.  It mixes the corporate needs of a group with the individual needs and that can be a pain in the ass, pardon my language.

The Occupy movement is said to have started with a group of Canadians who wondered why the protests in the Middle East weren’t taking place in America.  Their question was answered by a lot of folks who decided to take the challenge and “fight back”.  The only problem is that there aren’t really any identifiable opponents.  It’s a loose conglomeration of traditional conservative, militant types on the one hand and outspoken, liberal, anarchists on the other hand!

And we’ve caught the bug here in town.  Some of your friends and neighbors are going to head out to Hanover Street and College Drive with signs to protest on Monday November 21 from 4pm till 7pm.  They aren’t planning to set up a tent city.  They just want to show their support of the greater movement.

Unfortunately, I’m worried that there are rumblings about folks who want to shut them down!  Now I’m not able to name names.  I’m only going by what anyone can read on their computer ( which by the way is the social network for everyone these days.)  I’m afraid of the anger that might be directed from within the protest group and I’m concurrently worried about the anger that will be directed towards the protest group.

Sometimes you just can’t win.

If anyone does read my plea here, please listen.  In this community we have a lot of people that are unemployed.  It isn’t because they are fat, lazy, stupid people!  And my plea to the folks that are suffering during this economic downturn is that they don’t villify the people that are working hard to make America a strong country.  The truth is that there are problems and we do have to think of new ways, out of the box ways to fix them!

Join the protest just to hear what the  other side thinks.  Listen to the anti-protesters just to hear where they are coming from!  It’s when we find a common direction that we’ll be able to move forward!

I know my advice is trite.  It’s almost meaningless.  But here is another trite saying ” there are two ways to do things!  The hard way and the easy way!”

Let’s do things the easy way.  Let’s all work together?




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