Which Percent Are You? 1%,99% or 53%?

Are you part of the 1%?  Lately if you answer yes that means you are one of the richest people in America and generally that has been considered a good thing.  There are some of you who support the ‘Occupy’ movements because you get that what is good for those on the lower economic rungs of society ultimately is good for you!  Unfortunately you know that you have to play by the rules that currently exist in order to be a smart player in the money game.

Are you part of the 99%?  Then you are obviously like a lot of other Americans and interestingly enough you are a lot like a lot of folks from foreign countries who are feeling that the way the global economy works keeps some people from ever succeeding.  If you are part of the Occupy movement then you are angry and you want someone to step forward and actually change things!  Even though some of you aren’t so sure about what exactly it is that you want changed.

Are you part of the 53%?  Then you are the group that pays taxes in  America.  You probably don’t have a real strong opinion about anything because you are too damn busy working your butt off to even be able to imagine hanging out all day and all night with protesters…You are probably mad but you have to admit you wouldn’t mind if the powers that be adjusted things a little so that you could afford a nice life!

The tough part about all of this division is that it’s hard for the folks who want to fight to be heard and it’s hard for those who want peace and normalcy to put up with the angst of those who want to fight.  When new conversations get started in the world they often seem fragmented and a little too loud but what ultimately tends to happen is that leaders grow up out of the confusion.  I guess I’m just trying to say that we have to hang in there for a while!  We have to try not to be too angry one way or the other.  The gripes of young people who don’t have secure futures are legitimate gripes and this is a new age where the internet links us all in a way we were never so intimately connected before.

Be patient.  Don’t hate.  Listen for answers.





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