Holiday Bargains

I like finding bargains and I’m sure you do too!  My favorite places for finding deals online are-

FatWallet.com  and Slickdeals.com

But I like brick and mortar stores too!  One of my favorite places to go for necessities is the JCPenney’s Outlet in Reading up at the Fairground Square Mall.  Where else can you get a waffle iron for 8.88, or a 16 piece set of glassware for 3.99?  Or a TomTom Navigator for less than 40 dollars?  What about a 22 inch LED TV for 140 bucks?

These aren’t the best prices in town, but they are pretty affordable.  And the stuff you get there is generally the same stuff that you’ll find in Penney’s.  Maybe there are overstocks there, but otherwise it’s quality goods, maybe some are refurbished but it’s nice stuff!  They also have an area where catalog returns are.

Their Black Friday sale starts at 3:30 am on Friday!

Happy Shopping!

If you have any favorite spots- share em!





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