News! Sue Paterno Swims!

I think all the serious reporters in PA have gone off to visit family today because this afternoon we read about Sue Paterno being asked to leave Penn State’s pool where she has been swimming every single day.  A family friend told the reporter who told the world.

Later another reporter from NBC said, wait a minute, breaking news, Penn State’s pool was closed today to everyone and that means it wasn’t closed to Sue Paterno because of any of the Sandusky nonsense.  It was just closed.

Meanwhile I’m thinking that it isn’t any of my business at all whether Sue Paterno gets to swim at the university pool or not.  I’m certainly thinking that it isn’t pressing news.  But of course I’m writing about it and some folks will come visit this blog just to find out the inside scoop on Mrs. Paterno.

To those folks, and to all of my regular readers  I would like to say ” Have a happy Thanksgiving!”




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