I Ate Oyster Stuffing!

I was talking with a friend today about their Thanksgiving holiday and they told me that they had oyster stuffing with their meal.  And so I said I never had oyster stuffing and then they said that  I could try some of their leftovers.

Now this scared me.  I’ve never eaten oysters and how do you tell a friend you are afraid of something like an oyster?  So I put on a brave face and I said I’d be glad to try some of the stuffing, but I insisted it shouldn’t be too much.

Out came some nice hot oyster stuffing.  It was brown.  It had stuff in it.  It smelled sort of salty.  I instantly panicked.  But my friend was so positive that I’d enjoy it that I did what a person has to do sometimes and I stalwartly  popped a bit of the brown stuff into my face.

I said ” I taste something like salty mushrooms”.  My friend said that was the oysters.  I said ” Are you sure?  Cause it tastes like salty mushrooms.”  My friend laughed and said  “It’s the oysters!”

If that is true then I ate oysters!  I’m still not at all sure that oysters and turkey go together now that I’ve eaten oyster stuffing, but I can’t say that it was the worst stuff I’ve ever eaten. Vegemite is the worst stuff.  This oyster stuff  was just like stuffing with a fishy taste and a salty mushroom flavor.

So since I’m so brave I get to ask a question…What do you enjoy eating that might be considered an acquired taste?



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