More Coach Sexual Abuse?!

Jerry Sandusky is old news now?!  The new guy is Bernie Fine!  Can you wrap your heads around this because I can’t.  While I know that abuse happens, it’s hard to accept that abuse happens and people hide it!

I’m afraid we are going to have to change  some rules in society before we can eradicate this evil problem.  Here in PA authorities are pressing charges against Sandusky for indecent sexual practices because they think that a jury won’t convict him for rape!  Well, that is pretty fancy talk.  It isn’t that the jury is stupid and that they think that rape is only something that happens with a male and a female with sexual penetration and threats- juries want to follow the letter of the law and we pride ourselves on being a country based on laws and precedents!

Our laws need to be changed!   They need to be brought into line with our current thinking on sexual  crimes.  They need to be fixed!

Hunters go where the deer are.  Adults who want to abuse children are going to work in places where they can get access to children!  I’m not suggesting that every single person who holds authority over children is really a child abuser at heart- what I am saying though is that we can’t avoid the  fact that abuse is, and always has happened and we can’t let our children down!  We can’t make them prove that abuse happened to them.  We can’t force them to live their lives feeling separate and used.

I’m angry.  What about you?

I think it’s time we stop feeling like it’s a social faux pas to ask coaches, teachers, scout leaders, dance instructors what their feelings are about children!  I think we should expect that they’d ask themselves the very same questions and if they feel sexually stimulated by children then I ho”pe that they’d do the decent thing and step away from a profession that puts children at risk.

I hope that we finally have conversations about this.  I hope we are ready to really deal with the problems that are unearthed.  I hope we can “make a clean breast of it.”  I hope children can feel safe.




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