Fat Folks Aren’t As Quick to Get Alzheimers!

Before I begin I’d like to admit that any time I find a story that makes me feel that it’s okay to be fat I enjoy it.  I am fat and even though I’d like to be half my size the fact is I’m not.  I’m F-A-T.  There aren’t many health stories that make me feel happy about my figure, but I found this one and I’m dragging it back here so you can read it too.

It seems fat people suffer dementia late in life, whereas thin people, or people with a Body Mass Index less than 25 suffer dementia earlier in life.  The guess is that it has to do with the plaques that develop eating away at the hypothalamus. Here is where I found the story.

So, um, is it good news or bad news that I’m probably going to remember I’m fat at least until I’m in my late 80’s?

Well, it certainly helps me choose whether or not I’m having pumpkin pie and cookies today!




Should Men Avoid Barbecues and Well Done Meat?

We’ve all seen these studies that tell us that something is bad only to hear later that it turns out the original study was wrong and that whatever it told us to avoid is actually good for us.  Since I’m not fond of adding to the hype I hate to publish every story that comes along to tell us how to avoid getting cancer by not eating certain foods, but this story about men having higher levels of prostate cancer when they’ve admitted to eating a lot of well done meat seems worth at least  considering.

Here is a bit of the story from the Daily Mail in the UK…see what you think.

Men who ate grilled or barbecued burgers that were well or very-well done had around twice the odds of aggressive prostate cancer than those who never ate meat or ate it rare or medium-done.

The figures for beef, such as steak, were similar.

Previous studies linking red meat to prostate cancer have produced mixed results – but this may be because they did not separate out the most deadly form of the disease and did not focus on overcooking and cooking at high temperatures.

Cautious: Dr Rachel Thompson, of the World Cancer Research Fund, claims the results could have been distorted by the men not recalling what they had eaten.

Cautious: Dr Rachel Thompson, of the World Cancer Research Fund, claims the results may have been distorted by the men not recalling their diets fullyCautious: Dr Rachel Thompson, of the World Cancer Research Fund, claims the results may have been distorted by the men not recalling their diets fully

The Department of Health’s scientific advisors said earlier this year that red and processed meat ‘probably’ increases the odds of bowel cancer.

They advised eating no more than 70g a day. Over a week, this amounts to three sausages, one small steak, one quarter-pounder and three slices of lamb.




Beer Batter Bread!

Tomorrow is the day when we all sit around and enjoy a big feast right?  Well, those of us who are lucky enough to have the economic wherewithal, or families or friends that can provide us a big feast will get to enjoy the traditional big meal, but today was just the day before the big feast!  So at my house with college kids coming home and band kids getting ready for the big game tomorrow at Pottstown High we needed something quick and inexpensive.  We decided on fried chicken and macaroni and cheese.  It wasn’t the healthiest meal but it was quick.

Earlier in the day my daughters decided they wanted to make brownies for our holiday meal.  I was already going to make a cake but then I saw that I only had self rising flour in my pantry.  I know, poor me!  Look, the point is that I wanted to know if there were any easy recipes for self rising flour and tada!  I found one I liked.  The kids weren’t as excited by it but I certainly enjoyed it.   Here it is-

Beer Batter Bread

3 cups self-rising flour

3 tbl sugar

1 can (12 oz) beer

I added a bit of garlic and some cheese and I baked it at 350 for about 45 minutes in a casserole dish.

I guess the bottom line was that it was simple, quick and it made it look like I’m a whiz in the kitchen.

Have a great Thanksgiving.





Some Homeless Getting Hand From Community College in PA

I found a wonderful story about a Luzerne County College that is offering classes for the Homeless in their area.  I think it’s a great plan and I think it would be nice if the college here in Pottstown, MCCC offers that kind of thing too!

Here is a little more on the story from Wilkes Barre’s Times Leader:

Luzerne County Community College, by contrast, recently announced that it plans to provide the area’s homeless population with something much more long-lasting and potentially life-changing: free training toward high school equivalency diplomas, or GEDs.

Bravo to the brave soul(s) at LCCC who first floated that idea at the faculty meeting. Presumably, most colleges are not pursuing, or even giving much thought to, a demographic commonly considered to be down on its luck, destitute and lacking a mailing address at which to send student loan bills. But apparently program coordinator Francis Curry and others on LCCC’s main campus in Nanticoke saw fit to focus some of the institution’s resources on a pressing public problem.

The college’s new project, called “Hope for the Homeless,” aims to give certain homeless and at-risk individuals a basic education, upping the odds they can land jobs and ultimately afford to rent apartments or other places to live.

LCCC will partner with several area agencies to deliver the training, college officials said during Friday’s announcement. Judging by the list of participants, organizers of “Hope for the Homeless” did their homework on this community’s social safety net. The lineup includes Catholic Social Services, the Domestic Violence Service Center, Catherine McAuley House, the Salvation Army’s Kirby Family House, Ruth’s Place and Luzerne Intermediate Unit 18’s Homeless Children Initiative.



News! Sue Paterno Swims!

I think all the serious reporters in PA have gone off to visit family today because this afternoon we read about Sue Paterno being asked to leave Penn State’s pool where she has been swimming every single day.  A family friend told the reporter who told the world.

Later another reporter from NBC said, wait a minute, breaking news, Penn State’s pool was closed today to everyone and that means it wasn’t closed to Sue Paterno because of any of the Sandusky nonsense.  It was just closed.

Meanwhile I’m thinking that it isn’t any of my business at all whether Sue Paterno gets to swim at the university pool or not.  I’m certainly thinking that it isn’t pressing news.  But of course I’m writing about it and some folks will come visit this blog just to find out the inside scoop on Mrs. Paterno.

To those folks, and to all of my regular readers  I would like to say ” Have a happy Thanksgiving!”




Holiday Bargains

I like finding bargains and I’m sure you do too!  My favorite places for finding deals online are-

FatWallet.com  and Slickdeals.com

But I like brick and mortar stores too!  One of my favorite places to go for necessities is the JCPenney’s Outlet in Reading up at the Fairground Square Mall.  Where else can you get a waffle iron for 8.88, or a 16 piece set of glassware for 3.99?  Or a TomTom Navigator for less than 40 dollars?  What about a 22 inch LED TV for 140 bucks?

These aren’t the best prices in town, but they are pretty affordable.  And the stuff you get there is generally the same stuff that you’ll find in Penney’s.  Maybe there are overstocks there, but otherwise it’s quality goods, maybe some are refurbished but it’s nice stuff!  They also have an area where catalog returns are.

Their Black Friday sale starts at 3:30 am on Friday!

Happy Shopping!

If you have any favorite spots- share em!





Tonight’s Debate on Foreign Policy on CNN at 8pm

I hope to watch Jon Huntsman carry off the front runner position in the GOP debate tonight in Washington.  I think he’s a candidate that America could trust in the White House.  But we’ll have to wait to see if other folks feel as supportive of him as I do.

Herman Cain has been on my ” Oh No Not Him” list for a while now.  Luckily he’s shown the rest of the country some of his lunacy.  Now people are talking about Newt Gingrich as the next shining star.  Newt’s radical policies will further divide this nation and that isn’t what we need right now.  We need to pull together to make this country a stronger place.

Poor old Mitt is still running high in the top 3 positions according to polls, but it’s odd that no one is talking about his plans.  It’s like he’s a cipher holding the space or the big Zero of the Republican party.  Is he a RINO?  Or is he a centrist? We haven’t heard enough about him to know!

Those are some of the reasons I’m watching tonight.  Yes, I’ll be voting for Jon, but I’ll be listening to them all!