Fluish Symptoms Going Around

I won’t say that I’ve suffered from anything quite so devastating as the influenza virus, but I was feeling pretty lousy last week and I must say,wi thout having official stats on it, I can say I’ve heard of quite a few people who have been coming down with what they think must be a flu like illness.

Personally I felt like I had a horrible headache with what appeared to be little flashes of light.  In talking to some friends it sounds like that is what people who have problems with migraines often experience. I have no idea whether it was a migraine or not, but that was my bout with nausea and illness last week.

Some other folks are having severe stomach pain  with all the unpleasant uncomfortable feelings.

I know I survived without major trauma, but I’d like folks who stop by here to make sure you are covering your mouths when you cough.  Make sure you drink plenty of fluids.  Make sure you get as much rest as possible and keep your hands clean and away from your face.

This is a really awful time of the year to come down with a nasty virus so take all the steps you can to avoid getting sick.







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