Grinchy Gingrich Wants Kids To Work, On The Other Hand…

But the U.S. Department of Labor is considering putting new restrictions on kids working on a farm. Under the proposed changes teens under the age of 16 would be prevented from using almost all power-driven equipment, doing work on a ladder over 6-feet high and limiting their contact with certain livestock.

“That’s totally wrong. That’ll never work,” said William Lesher, owner of Way-Har Farms, “That will really affect us.”

Lesher runs Way-Har Farms which produces and jugs milk. The proposed law wouldn’t affect farmers’ kids, but it would affect non-family members.

“I have a high school girl who works for me now every other night helping me milk cows,” said Lesher.

William Lesher said he wouldn’t put any kid into a dangerous situation. He’s concerned what will happen to his industry and the kids who learn from it.

“We need to have these kids learn to work and I just feel that’s very important,” said William Lesher. “But if you can’t train them and have them work for you, how are we going to teach them?”

So,that is the question at hand, can you teach people to operate dangerous machinery, or to be around large animals, or to move around on high ladders without having them do it to practice?

Think about it.




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