Merry Pinterest To You!

I love seeing what other people like- especially creative people.  So when I found pinterest I was in heaven.  It’s a site devoted to showing off people’s favorite websites for great ideas.  You simply think of an idea like let’s say Christmas and you type it into the search bar and voila’ you now have a ton of really wonderful ideas and I’ll bet there are some you never imagined.

Like let’s talk about the holidays.  You are bound to be entertaining and you’ll want some clever recipes for deserts right?  Well, what about mini oreo cheesecakes?  I found a recipe over there that requires only a few items:

2 eggs

2 bars of cream cheese

3/4 cup sugar

1 tsp vanilla

and a package of oreo or sandwich cookies

mix your eggs and cheese and sugar and vanilla

drop cookies into cupcake tins

fill to the brim with cheese mixture

bake at 350 till the tops looked lightly browned


Or, if you don’t feel like mixing and worrying about measuring then  you can use the oreo type cookies to make mini-cakes.  Simply take two oreos and ice them with cake frosting white in the middle and cover it with chocolate add cookie sprinkles or the pre-made sugar flowers you can get at the supermarket and wait till the moisture seeps through your cookies so that when you serve them they are moist throughout.

What about making a nice french vanilla creamer to add to coffee or hot chocolate?


14 oz milk – whole, 2percent, fat free

14 oz sweetened condensed milk

vanilla to taste

a pint mason jar to store it in

Mix the  milk and the condensed milk add vanilla or any other flavoring shake and refrigerate.

Add to your hot drinks and they taste a little more festive than usual.

And here is one of my visual favorites for a holiday treat- what about making plain chocolate cupcakes and then adding a dollop of whipped cream an upside down strawberry on top and clip the very tip of the strawberry for a tiny dot of more whipped cream.  You now have a santa-esque cupcake!

Oh, what about elf donuts?

Take a dozen cheerios divide them into 4, drop 4 into a bags with either confectioners sugar or cinnamon and sugar , or spread with vanilla or chocolate icing and dip into a small dish with rainbow sprinkles in them.  Pack in an altoids tin or make a small paper box and you’ve got donuts for elves!

Tis the season!






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