J’s in My Email!

A friend of mine sends me notes to remind me of things, or notes of encouragement, or just notes that say “hey, I’m thinking of you, what’s up?”  I absolutely love seeing her name in my inbox.  It’s like opening a present.  But sometimes at the end of her notes she signs her name and then follows that up with a bunch of J’s.

At first I was stumped.  Why on earth was my galpal sending me a long line of J’s?!  Was her keyboard defective?  Was there a message in her letter I wasn’t getting?  Did she choose a new name for herself and was it unspeakable?  How could I find out what those darned J’s meant without insulting her and asking straight out “hey you, what is with all the J’s?”

Since she’s a wonderful friend and since I figured she had every right to use whatever keys she wanted I didn’t ask her directly, but since it disturbed me that there might be some rational explanation I did some online sleuthing.  It wasn’t too hard to find out what the problem is.  You see, if she uses “Outlook” when she sends a wingding, or an iconic image, and my computer doesn’t read it properly it will show up as a “J”.  Her smiley faces were arriving in my desktop as J’s.

I like smiley faces and it’s going to take a while to accept a J is in fact a smiley face, but now that I know what it is I actually feel a lot happier!





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