GOP Candidates Perform ‘The Wizard of Oz’

In the media world everything is a show!  Even when it comes to important issues the media spends it’s energy crafting all the information  into a show format.

I was thinking about the GOP candidates and I felt like they have been presented to us as if they are characters from Frank Baum’s Wizard of Oz!

First let’s meet Mitt.  Mitt is the Lion.   America has been trying to tell that guy he’s not our idea of Presidential for years, but he’s not listening.  It’s not that he’s not a wonderful guy- it’s just that we don’t feel he’s authentic!   He’s strong, handsome, talented, but his message if he has  one is hidden.  It’s as if he’s afraid of stepping on  toes when he speaks.  He’s holding up his past and he’s comparing it to the new front runner in the GOP polls; Newt!  Okay, he wins over Newt, but he’s still the kind of guy we can imagine agreeing with everyone just to make things nice.  We shouldn’t be voting for a President  because he’s the best in a cast of suspect characters!   No one wants a guy like that running the US!  He’s great at social gatherings, but that isn’t going to cut it with the day to day business of operating the nation.

I have told you what I thought about Herman.  I’m glad he’s suspended his campaign.  I’m no prophet, but some people make me worry and I’ve got to tell you he was one of them!  He is probably a nice guy but he’s not quite right for the office of President.  Herman was the Wicked Witch of the West.  He was taken out early in the story when his house fell on him.  His sparkly slippers have fallen into the hands of the Wicked Witch of the East!

That would be Newt, but we’ll get to him later.

A lot of people like Ron Paul. He’s the Tin Man and he needs a heart.  He’s both sincere and nuts in equal parts.   I get why people like him.  I know that a lot of folks hate the heavy hand of government and they would like to get out from under it.  My problem with Paul is that he’s too glib about the changes he thinks America needs to make to get on track.  His vision of a world where people are personally responsible for their actions is glorious, but reality  tells us that there are some people who aren’t going  to be able to hack it and there has to be some protection for them and he conveniently pretends to forget  about the power of “e pluribus unum”.  A leader at the national level needs to know how to protect all of America.  Ultimately we are all ONE.

Michelle Bachmann is a powerful speaker.   Let’s make her Dorothy.  Dorothy has a cute hairstyle, sweet fashion sense and killer shoes.  But Dorothy doesn’t know the first thing about “home”.  She has to learn it.  Bachmann has a future.   She speaks to our raw emotions.  She acts as if she’s going to protect us, and yet, she’s made some missteps that have people scratching their heads.  How can such a smart lady get herself caught verbally sparring with the media?  Michelle is a fighter, but she needs to tone it down a bit.  Unfortunately I don’t think she’s going to take my word for it.

Rick Perry has had troubles similar to Michelle’s.  He is probably a really nice guy but he can’t communicate his message without getting tripped up.  That isn’t to say he  doesn’t have a strong view of where the country should be heading- it’s just my own worry about his ability to convey that to the Nation.  I feel like he’s the proverbial “Scarecrow” in the race.

Now let’s turn to the Wiz.  He is brilliant.  He’s a showman and a brainiac. He’s the man leading the Emerald City!  His people have good jobs, a happy lifestyle. They sing a lot.  But Jon Huntsman’s got a problem with confidence.  He needs people to recognize his greatness before he acts great.  I mean, the Wiz  could have solved every problem in the story in the first couple of pages if only he  had a bigger role!  But then there would have been no story.

And now for the antagonist!  That would be the Wicked Newt of the East.  He’s cocky and proud and he’ll kill our dogs!  He won’t care about child protection or the sanctity of marriage!  HOW CAN HE?

I’m trying to figure out what part Santorum can play in the Wizard of Oz?  Maybe he’s one of the Lollipop Kids!

We represent the lollipop kids, the lollipop kids, the lollipop kids..and we wish to welcome you to munchkin land!

Look, real life isn’t a story.  Despite the media’s best intentions to frame the GOP candidates, there is more to each of them!

It’s time we paid attention!  Whoever we vote for will be pretty instrumental in shaping the next 20 years, or the next 100 years.

I vote for the Wiz!

What about you?




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