Appealing To Men

Isn’t it funny that in a very basic sense humans have only two teams, you are either a man or a woman!  That is it!  End of story!  Sure, there are some folks who feel the need to live in both worlds or who feel they were born into the wrong body, or who don’t identify with their biological sex, but for the rest of us it’s easy enough to separate into two distinct groups.

Let’s imagine men on one side and women on the other side.  Have you got that?  Now I want to ask you to tell me what each group might like in a space.  What might men want that is unique and what might women want that is special?

Here we begin to have a problem because there are some very smart people who recognize that individuals don’t all agree on what they’d like in an environment.  Men don’t all like sports and beer!  Women don’t all like shopping and sipping tea.  So if we create a space that includes a movie theater, an arcade, a clothes store,a burger joint and a nice restaurant, a bar and a tea room we aren’t going to attract all men and all women to that location!

Besides, haven’t I just described a mall?  There must be something beyond what we can find at a local mall!  But unfortunately, it seems like that is where we stopped in thinking about enjoyable public spaces.  I mean, I recognize that we thought of parks, and museums, but in general I think it’s fair to say we stopped thinking about finding  collaborative spaces because the two teams were never charged with creating that environment.  And there was no leadership that came forward to say let’s build a space that people are happy in!

When you look up the question online ” What do men like?”  You will find thousands and thousands of answers that relate to what men like about women!  That is the conversation!  It’s pathetic.  I don’t want to know what men like about women.  WHAT DO MEN LIKE?

I want to know what women like as a group.  I  also want to say to the folks who might object  that not all women think alike that I understand their concerns but that I think we are letting ourselves down as a gender if we can’t ask ourselves what we like in general! WHAT DO WOMEN LIKE?

I’m asking because I’m thinking it might be really great to develop our riverfront in Pottstown with a thought to what average people, both male and female really like!  I want to lift men up.  I think men like power and prestige.  I think women like beauty and authority.  What could we create that would honor both genders ideals?

Pottstown could honor the spirit of her people!  WE could create a riverfront that lifts up the men and women who are here and those who once were here.  We should remember the men who built cars and bridges, or who threaded machines that spit out fly fishing lines  We should show respect for the women who worked in factories, and for those who made time for creating  homes for their families!

It’s hard to think about this because the ideas are so vague.  It’s also hard because right now we are in the midst of an economic decline.  When Pottsgrove Manor might be shuttered by Montgomery County because of lack of funds, it’s hard to devote any time to thinking about  how to enliven Pottstown’s waterfront.

But it doesn’t cost anything to think- except for time.

So, back to my original question…What do men like? What do women like?  Can we find a way to incorporate both desires into a pleasing space for both men and women?

You can’t answer a question until someone asks it!  I’ve asked.  Now it’s your turn!  Think about it will ya?








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