Commercials Are Annoying Me More These Days!

Have you seen the new Old Spice commercial?  Where a heavy set man is shown sweating and his skin starts to crack and underneath there is another man who is built slightly better riding a motorcycle and in the side car is a bear and an old man/bikini clad young woman?

Um, what the hell makes that ad attractive to anyone?  Are there men who like sweating and having their skin crack off?  Are there men who like the idea of bears in saunas?  Are there men who’d have sex with an old man who suddenly turned into a young  woman?


The same night I was treated to watching that commercial I saw one with this bearded weirdo who walks up to 3 black men wearing what I imagine the director thought was gang attire and he asks them about being a gang and wonders about their need for a website.  I found that offensive enough,but then the bearded weirdo hauls off and smacks one of the men and then a chase scene is caught mid-action and the commercial ends .  I was horrified!  What is worse is it’s aired during family commercial time on Comcast and it’s about using XXX as a URL address.

What happened to decency?




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