PA LCB Goes Too Far!

Pennsylvania Liquor Control Board via AP
Oh it’s a sad state of affairs when we have ad campaigns like this.  People who objected to the ads said it made it seem like the woman victim was responsible because this ad makes it look like the “rape” was her own fault.
Well, the people who complained don’t know much about rape laws in PA.  This wouldn’t have been a rape, not unless the male or female abusing this victim had a weapon or used threat of force!
The world is rather off-putting sometimes!
I’m not upset by the idea that young people do things without thinking of the consequences.  And I’m not such a prude that I don’t want to talk about non-consensual sex.  But to make it part of an ad campaign? That makes it seem so common and if we’ve gotten to that point where it’s common for our young women to be sexually abused in bathrooms- then this is a sad state of affairs for sure.
What do you think?

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