Tomorrow; We’ll Celebrate Our 27th Wedding Anniversary!

Happy Anniversary to me and my husband 🙂

Some years have been good.  Some not so hot.  We’ve raised a few fabulous kids.  We’ve accomplished some major milestones.  We’ve also driven each other absolutely batty.  But last night at about 2am I woke up and while I lay there  I thought about our anniversary,  and I thought that even after all these years I can’t imagine someone I’d rather hold hands with. ( excluding my kids and they won’t let me anyhow anymore!)

I asked Tom if he was awake.  He said ‘No’.  I went to get a glass of milk.  When I climbed back into bed I offered him a sip.  He took one and I asked if he wanted more.  He said “No.”  I grinned at him.  He opened an eye and closed it and threw an arm around my hips and went back to snoring.

Twenty-seven years!





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