Taste of India Mo Style!

I enjoy eating, don’t get me wrong, but I hate figuring out what I’m going to have every single night of my life.  You’d think it would be a pleasure planning what is for dinner but reality makes planning a chore because I don’t always have the time or the ingredients to make whatever I’d like.  And I hate just opening a pre-packaged dinner.  So I cheat.

I went to Redner’s a while ago and I bought a few ready made indian dishes.  They come in foil pouches inside a cardboard box.  I think it’s a serving for two.  Then I get out whatever meat I’ve got defrosting and I toss that into a casserole dish along with a can of tomato sauce, or some V-8 and I add the Indian food.  I pop the glass lid on and I bake it at 350 till the meat is done.

Do the same thing with any prepackaged meal.  If you aren’t fond of tomatoes then add something like applesauce, or a can of beef or veggie or chicken broth.

Or boil some white potatoes or sweet potatoes and then mash them and add sour cream then add your new tasty pre-made  meal.  You can have a korean meal, a mexican meal, a chinese meal, or a greek meal.

My latest purchase of chicken kormla came with a CD inside with indian music.

I’ve still got to make Indian bread!





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