Plaza Azteca in Wyomissing is Delicioso!

Last night for my daughter’s birthday we took her to Plaza Azteca in Wyomissing on Woodland Avenue near the Old Navy Store off Broadcasting Road. 

It was absolutely delicious.  I can’t brag enough about the place.  When you go to some mexican places the food is pretty limited.  Basically you can have your choice  of anything with chicken or beef in it, but at Plaza Azteca you could get pork, or lobster, or shrimp, or vegetarian dishes and the prices are between 7 and 12 bucks for an entree! 

We ordered a nacho dish as an appetizer and it had the most tender chicken with fresh veggies and sour cream and cheese.  This was on a 14 inch square dish and it was piled high.   You get bowls of chips with salsa and a mayo jalapeno dip. 

One of my kids had a fish dish with mashed potatoes!  Trust me, you will never get that at most mexican restaurants.

If you enjoy a little spice and you are tired of doing all your shopping why not treat yourself to a mexican fiesta!

This is what the folks over at Urban Spoon are saying about it-

Plaza Azteca

(610) 898-1512

955 Woodland Rd Map
Wyomissing, PA 19610





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