Arresting Statistics!

1 in 3 people by age 23 will have been arrested!  That is a ridiculous figure!  But let’s assume it’s true- does that figure mean we are safer on the streets?  Does it mean we feel better in our homes?  Are we more secure these days?  Or should we up the figure to 1 out of 2 people will be arrested by 23?

We have to talk about this alarming trend.  Unfortunately there is a tendency to allow the status quo to continue and sadly that means a lot of young folks will be spending time in county lockups.  For some it will be a revolving door and for others it will be a jarring wake up call.  But do we really want to spend so much of our energy incarcerating people?  Afterall your tax dollars are used to fund the criminal justice system.  Think of it as an unfunded mandate we have to pay for annually.

There is no clamor on the part of citizens to correct the behaviors that cause people to be arrested prior to arresting them.  We don’t have a system where you can talk about the issues that are threatening our young people.  Sure, there are drug warnings and alcohol warnings but does everything that comes with a warning require swift and severe punishment if a person makes a mistake?    I know no one wants to admit they’ve ever done anything on purpose, but honestly, who’d want to ruin their lives on purpose?  Who’d want to sign up for a trip to the local jail?  Who’d want to  go to prison?

The fact is that one mistake can lead you in front of a judge! One mistake can get you imprisoned.  And one mistake can lead to a life of further mistakes!

Please understand that I’m not a fan of criminal behavior.  I don’t want our streets to become more dangerous.  I don’t want to feel threatened when I go out shopping for my family or when I walk through town.  I want to be safe just like almost everyone else does, but my concern is that in our yearning for safety we’ve developed a mentality that says that criminals are bad and since they are  bad it doesn’t matter how they are treated.  It’s almost like we’ve given carte blanche to the justice system but I’m afraid you can’t purchase justice.

If we could we’d have a fair and just society where people are  safe and secure in their persons and  with their property.

We need to talk about it.  1 in 3 young people arrested?  That is a scary statistic.

Think about it.










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