That Virgin Mango Mojito Didn’t Quite Work!

Remember I tried making the kids a mojito without the added alcohol?  I blended some kool-aid and added some bubbly soft drink and then some simple sugar syrup.

Well, my kids wouldn’t drink it.  They said it was green.  I said that was the kool aid.  They said it didn’t have leaves in it like the real mixed drink has.  I said those leaves were mint and I didn’t have any mint leaves, but I was happy to go outside and grab some wet oak or maple leaves  that we could add if that would make them feel better.

They said no.

Instead they wanted cokes.

So let’s recount.   I made the pasta with the new machine which was pleasant, even though I shared with you here that I was afraid to eat it when baked into a nice lasagna. That remained true.   My kids brought home a pizza and wouldn’t drink my fake mojitos. ( not even with the added leaf  offer.)   And my significant other was angry with me and wouldn’t  eat my food.  He had a slice of their pizza and made himself an extra large slushy size cup of raisin bran with strawberry yogurt on top.

Maybe tonight I’ll try a really inedible  combination just to see how it works.  Oh, I’ve  got it!  I can use those lousy shirataki noodles.  They have got to be worse than my homemade pasta!  I can make a shirataki pie!

But then, what if I’m hungry?








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