Kmart Angels?

It’s quite a phenomenon isn’t it?  Kmart’s parent company Sears Holdings is saying that this is not company driven.  The company seems to be saying that the money to pay off layaway accounts has come from big hearted St. Nick’s who want to make the holidays happier for families that might be struggling just to make lay-away payments.

While this is possible….it’s also a little odd.  Why would generous benefactors go hang out in Kmarts?  Kmart had a pretty poor showing this past year.  Their executive officers are saying that they aren’t pleased with their performance.  But they are rallying the troops and hiring a new leader.  And coincidentally they also have recorded 412 thousand dollars in ” Kmart Layaway Angel” giving.

Christmas is a big ticket holiday for retaliers.  I read something that said that they made over 30 billion in 2008.  I wonder how much a nationwide ad costs to run for 30 seconds?  Or for 60 seconds?

And how much did I say Sears Holdings is registering as layaway angel donations?  So far it’s 412,000 bucks?

Seems like a cheap marketing ploy….unless it’s a real genuine phenomenon…

Personally I  like Kmart, but you don’t see a lot of well heeled shoppers in their stores do you?  Their buildings, at least around here  are older in style.  Their staff has been sliced to the bone.  They sell everything but the kitchen sink, and I might even be wrong about that!    Their toy section isn’t as big as Walmarts.  Their electronics section is not as big and they have odd name brands.  So why are they attracting all this good will from rich benefactors?

It’s a nice story and I would love the world to be bubbling over with nice stories, but I can’t help but be a little suspicious.

Remember Lowes pissed off some people in the Muslim community for dropping sponsorship of a television program featuring American Muslims?  Remember all the grief they got for that?  And now we have almost the opposite, in a time where businesses pretend that Happy Holidays has the same generic meaning as Merry Christmas…we have a company happy to have angels dropping gifts on families.

Get ready for some made for television movies about angels who hang out around Kmarts!  Soon the big red K will stand for Kris Kringle!

I don’t want to be, but I am suspicious.



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