What a Breezy Evening We Had Last Night

Wasn’t it odd to hear the thunder last night?  I was sitting in the living room with my daughter when we heard what sounded like thunder and I asked her what the temperature was since she had been out a few hours earlier.

She told me it was chilly so I said then that can’t be thunder.  Now I wasn’t relying on any science facts to make that statement, it was more personal experience.  I feel like thunder happens when mild air clashes with cold air…Right?

We stepped outside.  My daughter had bare feet and she said the ground was icy but the air was spring like.  I smiled at her and said ” it’s thunder!”  Then the sky lit up and another crack filled the air.  My daughter grinned up at the sky and told me how much she loved seeing storms.

We came inside but left the front door open.  I didn’t change the screen to a glass panel so the wind was able to breeze into the room we were in.  Then there was a strong whipping sound and a huge train like noise which was a very strong wind moving through the “hollow” we live in.

By that time my other daughter had wandered down since she heard the thunder in her room and she wondered what was up.  We all sat in the living room in the light of the multicolored twinkling tree and listened to the sound of the storm blowing through.

I’d like to thank God for letting me live with my beautiful young daughters who   remind me of the thrill in experiencing an evening storm.  I’m sure I’d have noticed the weather even if they hadn’t been there with me, but there is something incredibly delightful in sitting in a dark space waiting for lightning to crack and thunder to boom especially when you are sharing that with people you love.





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