Hi! And Happy New Year!

Are you enjoying the new year?  2012!  Awesome isn’t it?

Honestly, I don’t think I ever considered being alive in 2012.  And here I am.  It’s stupifying.

I had a nice holiday.  My family seemed to enjoy the gifts I got them.  We also created a couple of memories- some good and some I’d rather not remember but heck you can’t actually choose what you retain when it comes to memories so let that be a gentle warning to you all.

We got to see a few Hollywood blockbusters!  We ate out a couple of times.  We had family visit.  We played board games.  We watched televised sports programs.  We went to a couple of parks.  We ate a lot of sweets and holiday foods.

Phew, I must say that it was a really good holiday.  But now it’s time to get back into the swing of regular life and put away all the festive trimmings.  I sort of feel a little sad when I consider de-trimming the tree and putting away all the little ornaments.  On the other hand I can vacuum away all the tinsel and the evergreen needles that have been sticking upright like small earthy spears out of my living room carpeting.

When Christmas 2011 is put away there will be room for a brand new year! That is a little exciting right?  So this time is sort of bittersweet to me.  I guess it’s that “auld lang syne” business.  It’s hard to put things aside and forget them, but it’s nice to know that a year will pass and I’ll remember some of the wonderful times we’ve created this year.

I hope you and yours have had a blessed and a happy holiday.




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