Two Delightful Sayings for Today

First Delightful Saying For Me Today:

“You’ve got a lot to say for someone who walked away!”

That saying reminds me that it’s easy to talk about someone, or something when  you aren’t absolutely tied up in something.  It’s easy to make snippy comments or to pick at something because it’s not perfect when you aren’t wholly engaged in something.

It’s harder to tear apart something if you are dedicated to it.  It’s almost impossible to complain about something when you are engaged in building it.

It’s so much easier to complain when you’ve given up and walked away.  It’s almost necessary to justify things to yourself then.  But what is it worth when you don’t care anymore?

I’m asking myself that today.  I wish I could tell you why I’m asking myself that today, but I’m going to take the better path and I’m going to just remind myself that it’s s too easy to talk about things when you aren’t living them.

Too easy.

Second Delightful Saying for Me Today:

Earth without “art” is just “eh”.

I think this one is funny.  Take away the three middle letters in “earth” and you’ll find you are left with the first letter and the last letter, or ” e-h”.  This saying reminds me that I have to remember to be grateful for all of the folks who add creative touches to my experience.

Imagine going through a day in which all the colors you see are jarring and all the shapes are incongruous.  Imagine how uncomfortable life might be if we didn’t value expressive  art.  And I’m not talking about admiring only the pretty work that is in the world.  I’m talking about the iconic and the archetypal art.  I want to be open  to all kinds of art even the striking or shocking stuff that disturbs  my sensibilities.

I can imagine a world without meaning, or color, or shapes or sounds that are pleasing.  It’s hard.  It would also be very scary.  It would probably feel stark and unfamiliar.  Cold and empty. Blank.  Ugh!   It sends shivers down my spine.  How could we think and grow if everything was a raucous jumble with no personal meaning?

No friends, earth is not ‘eh’.  Now get out there and if you get the chance, hug an artist!








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