Hair Feathers!

I’m not all that style conscious.  I wear what fits and I brush my hair.  That is about it when it comes to my daily beauty routine but naturally there are some ladies who go a little farther to make themselves look and feel attractive.

Today I passed a woman who was selling hair feathers from her shop.  I have seen the sandwich board sign out front of her store before advertising hair cutting and coloring and I even think I noticed the hair feathers ad before but I never really thought about it.   When I passed the shop this morning there was a woman  out front adjusting the sign.  I felt okay in assuming she worked for the business, perhaps she even owned it.   The point I’m getting to is she had hair feathers!

I’m willing to admit it looked interesting.  I can see why people might want feathers in their hair…but I don’t think I’m going to get them for myself.  I have enough trouble worrying about the way my own natural hair is behaving.  I don’t need to be worrying about a veil of plumage fit for a peacock falling into my eyes.

I’m not going to ask what you think!  Hair designs are a personal choice.  I won’t object to you or yours wearing feathers on your heads , as long as you and yours don’t object to me pulling all of my hair into a large red or orange scrunch on top of my head.

Feathers! 🙂





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