Storing Spaghetti in Pringles Cans!

I’ve got another cool money saving idea!  Well, it will save me both some extra money and the embarrassment of having loose spaghetti noodles pour out of my kitchen cabinet and onto my head!

I store my spaghetti in the upper right corner of a kitchen cabinet.  It isn’t the smartest place to store it, but it’s become habit.  I don’t always need pasta, but when I do I know where it should be.  If there isn’t any in that corner then I’m having another side with my meal!  But since I don’t go through entire boxes of spaghetti noodles I often have a partial box that I store open on the shelf.  And I can’t tell you the number of times I’ve reached up to grab the box only to pour some of the contents on me!

Guess what?

I found a tip to put the spaghetti in an old Pringles potato chip container!  It fits.  The top will  keep the spaghetti fresher and it isn’t going to just pour out of the box on me.

Isn’t it wild when you come across a really simple idea that makes so much sense and you wonder why you never thought of that yourself?




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