Huntsman Came in Third!

Four years ago I liked Obama, but I also liked Romney.  This time I’m giving up on both of them and hoping that the GOP will choose Huntsman.

Unfortunately a lot of Republicans and Independents seem excited by Ron Paul’s candidacy.   I understand why folks would want to shake up the party and I understand voting for less government and less taxes!  But I don’t like to even begin to imagine the kind of America that a Paul led government would create.

Ron Paul doesn’t seem to be all that engaged himself in the idea of becoming President!  One of his supporters captured a video of him answering questions from CNN’s Dana Bash.  An assistant stepped into the frame and said that they were done answering because her questions of Paul were ” junk questions”.  Paul actually accused her of being part of the reason he wasn’t accessible to potential voters.  In the video we can hear her asking Paul why he isn’t running more of a campaign in Florida.  And he says that he can’t be like the Federal Government and use money he doesn’t have.  He said he expected the money to come in….and then they’d decide how to use it.  Then she asked about a voter who apparently wouldn’t vote for him because she couldn’t get close to the man.  And that was the end of the interview.

In a burst of awareness I got the feeling that he doesn’t expect to be President!  He expects to be a big player in the next election cycle, but he doesn’t expect to win!

Note that he was actually supporting Mitt Romney a couple of times.  Newt is attacking the guy left and right and yet, the second place contender is supporting the lead guy!  Strange isn’t it?  He’s almost  saying ” don’t attack Romney for being a capitalist!”    “Don’t attack him for understanding economics!”  Hmmm.

Huntsman on the  other hand isn’t exactly attacking anyone, at least not directly.  I’m watching funny man Steven Colbert, who likes to pretend he’s something of a Super Republican, who has been saying that theoretically he’s running ahead of Huntsman!  That really means that Colbert is giving Huntsman a platform in South Carolina since we all know that Colbert isn’t a candidate.  He’s a smart, talented, funny, “rich guy”.

If you’ve read my blog in the past you’ll see that I’ve been hoping pretty consistently that Jon Huntsman catches the GOP voters attention.  I don’t think he’s running to land a job in the Romney administration.  I think he wants to win!  I don’t think he’s a drip.  I don’t think he’s a sellout.  I don’t think he’s ineffectual.  I don’t think he’s just some rich guy’s kid.  I think he’s a serious man who seems to be sincere about having a new plan for America.  I don’t see him tearing apart the government!  I see him working to make it work!

Ron Paul doesn’t want people attacking Mitt Romney for saying he wants to fire corporations that don’t work for him…Whoa!  doesn’t that tell anyone something?  Both men feel that it’s okay, or maybe even necessary to sometimes radically change things up.   Ron Paul and Mitt Romney both think it’s okay to “fire people, or organizations when they don’t work for you anymore.”    Trust me, I get where they are coming from but I don’t think we can afford that kind of overhaul!  I don’t think we can go all the way back to the way things were when the founding fathers created America!  Of course I support and love America’s traditions and her Constitution.  But don’t give me historians like Gingrich and Santorum! Don’t give me politicians who want to be all things to all people!  Give me someone who has some new ideas! Give me someone who understands weaving tradition and American values into a strong future!  Give me someone who understands science and who respects other cultures!

Give me Jon Huntsman!






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