John Rafferty no Longer Running For AG

Here is the news on Rafferty ending his run for Attorney General-

While I remain encouraged by the support I have received from members of the Republican State Committee and respect the committee’s endorsement process, I also respect the role Governor Tom Corbett plays as the titular head of our party.  The governor has communicated to me that he will be supporting Cumberland County District Attorney David Freed for the Office of Attorney General; therefore, I will be suspending my campaign for the same office.  I have gotten to know Dave Freed on the campaign trail. He is someone I like and one who has compiled a strong record as District Attorney.

I would like to personally thank all the members of the Republican State Committee who lent their support to my candidacy.  In particular, I sincerely thank the Southeast Republican chairmen who were very early supporters of my endeavor.  Additionally, I want to thank Senators Joe Scarnati and Dominic Pileggi and the rest of my senate colleagues who lent their unwavering support to my effort.  Lastly, I want to thank my campaign chairman, Bob Asher.  Bob is transcendent in the world of Pennsylvania Republican politics and provided instant credibility to my campaign.

I have always enjoyed representing the citizens of the 44th District in the State Senate and plan to remain serving in that role.  As Chairman of the Senate Transportation Committee, I look forward to reviewing the governor’s comprehensive transportation funding plan that will jumpstart our economy and improve the poor conditions of our roads and bridges.  We also have many other important issues to address this session. I will continue to aggressively pursue solutions and speak with an independent voice to make our commonwealth more “job friendly” and a safer place to live and raise a family.”



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