My Guilty Pleasures!

I know you are expecting dirt when you read a post headline like this one’s.  Sorry folks, if that was what you were expecting to find here you are going to have to move along . Now, for the rest of you I’ll tell you what my pleasure is- One of my greatest  pleasures actually comes from the interaction I get with folks who read this blog.

Generally I choose not to share the personal interactions.  If someone wants me to share their thoughts they can use the comment feature here on this blog.  I tend to think that folks that contact me through my email at mogallant@gmail.com don’t want what they say posted.

I just want to let those of you who write to me personally to know that I don’t always get a chance to respond directly to your letters and I have to apologize for that.  I get a ton of emails and when I don’t know someone, I may just skip over something that is really very valuable to me!  If  I don’t respond to you, or to a question you’ve asked, please send it again.  If I see a name pop up again there is a good chance I’ll check it out if I’ve seen it before.

Oh yeah, I’ve gotten good responses from people and I’ve gotten some  not so good responses.  Naturally I’d prefer the good to the bad ones,but I’m willing to listen to both.  So if you’ve got something to say to me and you’d rather not have it broadcast for public consumption then it’s okay to send me a note.

This is my blog, but trust me, I wouldn’t do it if it weren’t for you.







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