Plumbing is a Problem For Back in Parking!

Who hates High Street’s back in parking????


I don’t hate it!  I just don’t love it.  Cars just aren’t easy to park backwards.  It’s one thing to pull into a nice neatly laid out spot in a parking lot if you are backing into it, but it’s quite another thing to back into a space that is angled and that might have street signs, or trees, or concrete urns hiding behind it on the sidewalk. And that is how some of the spaces are on High Street!

I often park on the opposite side of the street where the parking is traditional.  I’ll drive around the block several times to avoid parking in those back in spaces.  I do that because I can’t tell you how many times I’ve wanted to pull in but I have a vehicle right behind me bearing down on me. Now I know that that is exactly the reason the back in parking was designed.  It was created to slow down the rush of cars on High Street.  But I hate to be the car that is slowing the rest of High Street’s drivers down!

Anyhow, today I was parked in my usual place down near borough hall and I was watching some other cars backing in and pulling out.  It’s sort of fun.  So I was sitting there watching when a couple of vans with PVC piping began crawling to a stop.  I wished I had some popcorn.  One van was leading the pack.  It slowed and began the torturous manoeuvering to back into a space.  The van that was following it then had a clear reason to stop and cars were patiently waiting so that it could back up and slip into an angled spot without trouble, but the first van was still having a bit of a problem squeezing in sideways.  The driver was peering desperately out of his drivers side window into the large mirrors and moving backwards in fits and starts.   But what was crazy was he was carrying all that PVC on the roof and it angled down too.  So once his van was up against the curb there was about 3 feet of PVC angling downward towards passers by on the pavement.

Then I felt bad about wanting popcorn.  I didn’t hang around long after they pulled in so I didn’t see if the angle of the PVC caused any passers by any damage.

I sure hope not!






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