I Love Stephanie Plum!

I got hooked on Janet Evanovich’s heroine Stephanie Plum a couple of years ago.  Generally I hate buying the paperbacks that are series.  They tend to be so boilerplate.  But when I found Stephanie I found a character with almost no depth.  And I think that is what I love about her!

Janet has created a series where her leading lady isn’t the kind of woman who dresses well, or who has a great job, or who has a supportive loving family- well, maybe I’m wrong about the family but imagine getting support from a crazy grandmother, a fawning worried mother and a father who pretty much sits at the dinner table and mutters ” Christ” to himself while his family talks about their lives.

Stephanie’s leading man is a hamster named Rex who barely acknowledges her existence and believe it or not, she’s okay with that.

Yes, I love Stephanie and I was pleased to see that there is going to be a movie out featuring my favorite lady bail bondswoman.

If you want to try reading one of her adventures just let me know I’ll lend you the book.




2 thoughts on “I Love Stephanie Plum!”

  1. I love this series! It’s funny and mindless and that’s what I love about it. Sometimes I need a break from the serious mystery type books and these always give me a laugh! I can’t wait for the movie!

    1. Hi Christa,

      If you like Stephanie, then maybe you’ll enjoy Kinsey Millhone too, she’s the Private Eye in Sue Grafton’s mystery series. Her style isn’t as funny and as upbeat as Stephanie’s is, but I really enjoy reading about her cases. Grafton’s style is very simple and yet her characters are solid and her plot lines are believable. Just look for the alphabetic titles ” A is for” ” B is for”….I’ve just finished ” U is for Undertow”.

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