Lots of Anxiety About Swine Flu!

I know I posted about the recent outbreak of a new “swine flu” which isn’t going to be called “swine flu” because it upsets the pig producers in America!  But I did it because it was in the news and I thought it was worth giving you all a heads up on!

What I want to say now is that I don’t think this is a severe threat to us just yet!  People under 10 are getting this flu.  These people have been exposed to live animals- stock animals like, um, pigs.  Think of 4H clubs.

There was one outbreak which I think was in West Virginia that wasn’t directly related to an animal, in other words the family didn’t have any direct contact with farm animals and so there is a sneaky suspicion that the virus has mutated and that it can now spread from human to human.

That is the threat folks.  It isn’t that pigs are any scarier than they were in the past ( even though they do seem to be rather dangerous creatures for picking up illnesses.)  The threat is that in the pig virus there is an ” M” gene that fits into humans systems easily enough to cause these pig viruses to jump species.

Some people will tell  you that the reason for this problem is mass production of meat.  If we didnt’ have all these animals in close quarters  then we wouldn’t have to worry about animal diseasess progressing so fast and turning into viruses that can attack humans.

On the other hand, viruses are sneaky little bastards that are bound to keep replicating themselves because that is what they do.  There isn’t any sure way to protect ourselves from them and there is no reason to go crazy worrying about them.

For example, right now the Farm Show is in PA.  The parking lots are so packed that police have had to show up to help calm attendees.  Are you hearing any warnings going out to ten year olds?


My point is that life is as usual. Just because Drudge is reporting on something now that has been floating around since August doesn’t mean the world is in danger of ending.

It’s just that there is a new flu out there and we need to take care of ourselves and our loved ones if they have serious flu symtpoms.

End of story!



Trust me, if and when I find out that we’ve got a pandemic or an epidemic  I’ll be sure to write about it.




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