Making Tamales!

A friend of mine offered to make me some Tamales.  I had no idea what they were even!  I had eaten them, but I didn’t know what was so unique about the way they were made!

Now I know!  You use this corn meal stuff called Masa, sort of like Maize?  And you make a peanut buttery consistency with corn oil and spices and broth and you  smear it on corn husks and you fill it with prepared pork and chicken that has cooked for hours and hours and then you steam it till the Masa cooks but doesn’t dry out.

Tamales are the kind of food that most of us don’t have time to enjoy anymore!  They take all day to cook, or a couple of days!

I’m going to try to make them and I’m already expecting I’m not going to get it quite right, but I’m going to enjoy imagining I’m a ” tamale  chef”.






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