Pottstown’s Ordinance on Committees!

The other day I read about some ordinances that Pottstown wanted to explore.  They were interesting but I didn’t have a lot of personal knowledge about rentals or borough violations.  I was however, interested in the idea that Pottstown was considering crafting a new ordinance that handled committees, or task forces, or commissions.  Jason Bobst told Evan Brandt that he was interested in how Washington State was doing committees.

That surprised me.  I guess I didn’t think that you needed a law in order to create a committee.  But then, when I actually thought about it I could see why it was an important step.  I mean, who gets to create committees?  Who has the authority to invite strangers to come together and hash out a new idea?

Well, it turns out that there are several opportunities to create these committees and I didn’t have to go to Washington State to find out about them.  It seems that local governments in PA are designated to allow these kinds of groups.  And it’s rather important to look at how your borough decides to do it- as a matter of fact if you don’t decide?  You have to follow the county’s rules.  And if the county doesn’t decide then I guess you have to follow the state’s rules.  Basically, the rule is  either you create your own rules, or someone else will.  Note that this doesn’t only apply to the right to create a committee!

Will a local group be empowered by the borough?  Well, that is up to the borough!   Will a local group be allowed to include renters?  Again, that is up to the borough!  Will an ad hoc task force be allowed to help with administrative functions?  It’s up to the borough!

So what will Pottstown decide to allow residents or citizens, or business owners to do when it comes to the work of being a Borough?

That is up to the Borough too 🙂




2 thoughts on “Pottstown’s Ordinance on Committees!”

  1. Mo,
    You don’t need a law to create a committee.
    But if you create Citizen Advisory Committees for specific subjects, and you want them to have some kind of authority, that authority must be created in law, which is what Washington State has done.
    I’m sorry if I did not make that clear in the story you referenced here.

    1. Evan,

      Thanks for clarifying, although I think your article was pretty clear. I can only hope mine was as succinct!

      My only point was we don’t have to reinvent the wheel by going to an entirely different state. Whatever we do will have to pass muster in PA. I was just fascinated that there was this whole process just to establish the legitimacy of things like committees or task forces, or commissions.

      Live and learn. By the way, thanks again for keeping us abreast of this stuff. You are one of my heroes!

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