Are Strange Sounds Supernatural or Engineered?

I like visiting ” crazy sites”.  When I go see what those forums are discussing I feel saner.  But I like seeing what they worry about because it keeps me abreast of things I wouldn’t otherwise be thinking about.  Like lately some crazy forums are talking about strange sounds around the world.

The sounds are very low pitched sounds.  They are kind of freaky to listen to.  Now since I only have heard recorded sounds it’s quite likely that they are hoaxes. But let’s say they aren’t hoaxes- let’s say they are legitimate sounds.  Why would such sounds be picked up around the globe?

I noticed that some people have mentioned that it might be alien sounds. Others say it’s more mechanical.  Others still feel that it’s harmonic tremors from planet Earth.

Generally it’s safe to lean on the most simple answers.  So I asked myself  what might be happening globally in regard to sound?  And I found some pretty simple possibilities.   Let’s look at a few…

Underground machines are causing the natural sounds in the Earth.  But I don’t like this idea because the sounds are too random.  It isn’t like there is a constant sound in most of the recordings.  The people who are recording them are surprised by the sounds.

The sounds are coming from solar winds.  Again, this theory doesn’t work because it doesn’t explain why we’d only pick up those sounds some times and not more often?

Maybe it’s some  other natural sound that occurs randomly- that one I can’t argue with, but it doesn’t make sense since it is so surprising to the listeners.

Now I’m going to look at some ideas that are generated by people.  These sounds wouldn’t last very long.  These sounds might have some purpose even though currently most people don’t understand them.

Aha!  Here I found an entire new field called ” sonification”  or “audification”.  If I have it right the idea is that we already get information from sound.  Imagine a stethoscope that a doctor uses, or an automotive expert who can determine what is wrong with a car just by the sounds it’s making.  Humans are capable of interpreting sounds just like they interpret written language and images.  We can see art, but we can also hear it!

A lot more information can be contained in a packet if we are listening to something.  We can hear quite a range.  We also hear it without thinking about it.  We are required to actually turn our heads and look at something directly we aren’t required to do the same thing in order to hear information.

Right now sounds from deep within the Earth,  or from outer space sound like sonatas.  Scientists are playing this information back using standard instruments and honestly it almost sounds like new age music.

So how do we transmit information without making it seem like we are just playing music?  We can lower the pitch.  Suddenly we aren’t listening to a delightful piece of music, but we are still hearing something and it may well be disturbing to us, but it’s quite possibly sending out bits of information that we might ultimately be able to interpret.

The bad news about what I’m reading about this new field is that I’d hate to have to protect my ears from information I don’t want to listen to.  I’d hate to have to protect my body from information that I don’t want to feel.  That is my concern with “visualizing sound”.

Honestly I don’t know that the sounds that are confusing people around the globe are man-made, but I have a tendency to believe  simple answers before I’m willing to accept exotic answers.




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