Saturday Night’s Game Night Round Here!

When the weather gets cold my family wants to hibernate and so each member tends to scuttle away into their favorite spaces in the house.  My girls like listening to music in their rooms and my husband likes watching television in whatever room he can find a television in.

I don’t.  I have the feeling that families are supposed to do things together!  I know it’s an old fashioned notion but I’m not giving up on it so when I say to my crew that we are going to play a game on a Saturday night- I’m serious about it and I’m not too put-off by the moaning and groaning that accompanies that statement.

This weekend I had some games to play!  I had been to that thrift shop up on 422 in Douglasville?  They had a sale on toys and games and puzzles…so the two games I picked up were half price and honestly they were only 2 dollars each at full price!  Where can you get a game for a fun family gathering on a Saturday night for a buck???

At first when my daughters saw the games they weren’t all that excited.  I had a game about urban legends and a game called “finish line” in which you finish quotations, or lyrics, or movie or television lines.  My girls were sure they were going to lose.  I held my line though and I repeated my demand that we have fun..whether anyone liked it or not.

In hindsight, I didn’t have as much fun as I thought I would.  My kids turned out to be really good players!  Heh.  I surely thought I had a chance of winning!  I thought I’d be consoling them with a bowl of ice cream or something…instead they actually won!

You know I’m kidding don’t you?  I mean, they did win, but it was a blast.  I particularly liked it when my husband kept drawing Nature cards in the Urban legends game and it was funny when he kept getting stories about beavers!    We learned a lot about separating myth from truth when it comes to beavers!






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